LSC-LB7 is a large volume scintillation counter for ultra low level measurement of beta isotopes. It can be used with either 20ml, 100ml or 145ml scintillation vials.

The background level is much lower than with any other scintillation counter, due to the large passive lead shielding and active anti-coincidence shielding. The detection threshold for tritium is better than 0.3 Bq/litre (for 1000 minutes counting time) or 1.7 UT.

The LSC-LB7 is easy to use, with the operation and the definition of the measuring window appearing on the VDU. Two multi-channel analysers enable a spectral analysis to be produced on the VDU, which can be plotted out and saved to disk.

The instrument provides automatic quench correction through ESCR and SCCR, an anti static device, a monitor for chemiluminescence and photoluminescence and isotope half life correction.


  • Sensitivity: for 3H >0.2 Bq/litre
  • Value of FM: 285.000 or more
  • Sample changer: cooled, for 20 samples in 145 ml, 100 ml or 20 ml vials with adaptors
  • Detector: 5 photo multipliers, 3 for sample detaction, 2 for anti-coincidence shield
  • Spectrometer: variable window selection, 3 independent measuring channels
  • Background: 3.5cpm or less
  • Dimensions: 1230(w) x 810(b) x 1600(h) mm
  • Weight: 800 kg

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