Giemsa 240x180px

Automated Giemsa Staining of Slides


Giemsa staining is used to stain the nucleus of cells, particularly blood cells, and is paramount as a diagnostic tool in, for example, the determination of the phenotype of leukaemia cells and the identification of internal parasites (e.g. malaria, toxoplasmosis). Specialized oncology or haematology laboratories are faced with large quantities of such samples that must be processed quickly.



Giemsa staining has now been automated using LISSY®. The workflow commences in the evening where buffer solution, staining buffer, Giemsa stock solution and the slides with the blood films are positioned on the workbench and the desired start time is entered.

The system automatically prepares the fresh working stain solution by dilution from the Giemsa stock just prior to use allowing fully stained slides in the morning that are ready for microscopic examination.

"LISSY Giemsa staining" is available in 3 sizes for the execution of 240, 480 and 720 slides and can be easily adapted to enable other staining methods. It is designed for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.