Cell Printing
Cell Printing

Flexible Live Cell Printing for:

  • Stem Cell Research & Cancer Biology
  • Customized cell arrays/cell-based assays
  • Automated cell dispensing for High-content analysis
  • Cell-Cell interaction studies
  • Cell-Drug interaction studies (e.g. Drug screens)
  • Cell culture in Hydrogels
  • Biofabrication /Bioprinting research
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Regenerative Medicine

The CellJet gives the user full control over critical dispense parameters such as height of dispense, dispense speed and positioning of dispense head with a 10 µm resolution. Digilab Inc.’s proprietary synQUAD technology allows printing of both ordinary cell media with watery consistency, and viscous solutions such as Hydrogels.
The CellJet can print onto all commonly used cell culture equipment – standard microtitre plates, petri dishes and slides, as well as prefabricated scaffolds or customized biochips.
The instrument is easy to clean and has an effective design for a hassle-free maintenance.  The fluid path (to which cells come in contact with) can be disinfected/sterilized using all commonly used agents e.g. 70 % Isopropanol, 2% Gluteraldehyde.

celljetB 250 frei

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