The history of Zinsser Analytic



Zinsser Analytic and ILS (Innovative Labor Systeme GmbH) were acquired by the Gardner Denver Medical group, joining the Thomas, Welch and TriContinent brands. The group offers leading flow control products and automation systems for the medical and laboratory sectors, with a focus on OEMs. A global production network, with seven manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe and Asia, allows fast and flexible solutions for customers’ needs.


The sales organization Zinsser NA was created for the exclusive distribution of Zinsser Analytic’s automation systems to pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the USA.


Zinsser Analytic pioneered the automation of PCR-based tests in clinical diagnosis.


ILS (Innovative Labor Systeme GmbH) was founded in Stützerbach, Germany. The company produces high-precision micro-syringes, valves and OEM parts for liquid handling systems.


“Minilabor” was launched. The micro-scale laboratory “kit in a case” is still used in chemistry education in Europe and around the world. The unique peristaltic dispenser system “Perifill” and “Trayscanner” went into production. The company developed the first multiple peptide synthesizer (SMPS 350).


Zinsser Analytic introduced the first fully automatic systems for HIV testing in blood banks.


The Analytical Instruments Division of Zinsser Analytic introduced automatic pipetting systems for liquid handling. As a distributor for Tecan (Switzerland), more than 500 complete systems were installed between 1984 and 1992.


Zinsser Analytic (UK) Ltd. was formed to manufacture special liquid handling systems, various liquid scintillation cocktails, such as “Quickszint”, “Quicksafe” and “Aquasafe”, as well as plastic scintillators for neutron, alpha and beta detectors and high energy physics applications.


The company expanded, establishing an Analytical Instruments Division to market and service scintillation counters and HPLC instrumentation.


The first plastic miniature vials for scintillation counting were produced. “Minis” are still used extensively, especially in Europe and Japan.


An injection-blow molded scintillation vial was developed. The “Polyvial” was the first plastic scintillation vial with a uniform wall thickness, seamless bottom and gas-tight self-sealing cap. It became the quality standard for scintillation vials and millions are still produced every year.


Zinsser Analytic was founded by Werner Zinßer in Frankfurt, Germany, to market chemicals and supplies for liquid scintillation counting.