Scintillation Cocktails

Scintillation Cocktails

Many advances have been made over the years in scintillation counters and in cocktail development. The Zinsser Analytic range of safe scintillators is based on a solvent which is non toxic, biodegradable, odourless and has a flash point above 150°C. As well as being highly effective scintillators they are also pleasant to use and easy to store and transport.
Our range also includes liquid scintillators for flow cell applications. The Quickszint flow scintillators are formulated to count HPLC gradients such as acetonitrile/water as well as buffer solutions and pure solvents.
Zinsser Analytic liquid scintillators & plastic scintillators are developed and manufactured in cooperation with a UK based company, where the laboratory staff have many years experience and are available to advise on the use of liquid scintillators.

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