Dosage of Gas & Liquids
Dosage of Gas & Liquids

Series H - PTFE Seal

  • virginal PTFE - Seal
  • Replaceable plunger
  • gastight

Series SH

  • prevents heat transfer from the hand to the contents
  • protects the plunger from bending (reinforced)
  • Plunger stop prevent blow out
  • Replaceable plunger

Series G

  • sealed plunger on glass barrel end
  • dosage with counter-pressure

Series P

  • Gastight, adjustable PTFE-seal on the top of the plunger

  • Very long lifetime of the seal

Head Space Analysis

  • Sample Dosage

PEEK Tubing Connector

  • fits any tube from 0.8 to 3.2 mm Ø
  • totally inert, no metal contact
  • reduced dead volume
  • chemically resistant
  • direct connection

Adjustable Internal Stopper

  • internal index stop is adjustable to any volume
  • for faster work and better reproducibility
  • excellent for routine dosages



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