EchoMRI™ - Whole Body Composition Analyzer 

EchoMRI™ Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Body Composition Analyzers for animals and humans take direct measurements of total body fat, lean mass, free water, and total body water. The measured values depend on the density of hydrogen nuclei and the physical state of the tissue.
More rapid, accurate, and precise than other methods the EchoMRI™ technology allows for fast measurements (0.5 - 3.2 minutes, depending on the precision option) in-vivo without anesthesia or sedation.
Unlike DXA, EchoMRI™ measurements are radiation-free, do not require the subject to remain still, and in a peer-reviewed study (Taicher et al., 2003) yielded 24 times DXA's precision facilitating convenient, low-stress repeated tracking of small changes in body composition.
Moreover, EchoMRI™ instruments measure fat and lean mass as an independent characteristics, unlike DXA, which measures the fat to lean ratio and is, therefore, prone to error propagation from lean to fat.
The systems are less expensive than conventional MRI, are completely silent, and do not require advanced training to use.

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