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Malt Analysis Sample Preparation Platform

Automate the Malt Analysis Preparation Process.


Designed for your processes

Zinsser Analytic developed a liquid handling system which is used for malt analysis in the beer production to test certain criteria of the harvested barley. This way breweries make sure the beer doesn’t change its taste and always keeps the same level of alcohol.

This analysis process is an essential part of brewing, however is very time and labor consuming when done manually. For this reason our customer was looking for a solution that could automate the entire workflow and hence save time and cost.

  • Precise dispensing of temperate water to malt samples
  • Reproducible and reliable results
  • Customized software interface
  • Gravimetric or volumetric aspiration and dispense of solutions
  • Stirring and Retaining of Magnetic Stirring Bar During Transportation of Beakers
  • Identification and Documentation of whole Malt Process



The hardware was designed for flexible use of one to maximum four filtration racks in addition to pipetting racks (without a filtration adapter) solemnly for pipetting steps.


  1. Target racks for further analysis (with filter tubes, flexible vibrating tubes or Falcon™ tubes).
  2. Standard pipetting tip.
  3. One of four positions where a rack with/out filter adapter.
  4. Magnetic gripper for stainless steel beakers and retention of stirring bar.
  5. Filtration racks with filters; one to four can be placed on the platform.
  6. Magnetic stirrer and drying station.
  7. Bottle for liquid waste.
  8. Temperature controlled basins for stainless steel beakers.
  9. Priming station for dosage manifold.
  10. Temperature controlled water reservoir for dosage manifold.


Zinsser Analytic’s system automated the whole process from extraction and filtration to pipetting and further analysis preparation. As an outcome the automated solutions did not only release the laboratory staff from tedious work but also increased the analysis output with 200 prepared samples within 24h.



Our software solution has a simple to use interface making it easy for your staff to configurate or change process steps by themselves. Every process step is designed modularly to help to set up a variety of individual processes depending on different powders, chemicals and solvents. This way you can easily set up the system according to your requirements and processes.

Worklist Generator

Drag and drop the needed methods to the desired positions of the worklist.


Pipetting Editor

For pipetting steps, the Pipetting-Editor is opened for the definition of racks and number of pipetting steps. Every filled position is indicated blue and the selected positions are highlighted green.


Method Definition

Input the desired time or anything the method requires, while you are defining the process.



With our WinLissy®-software every prepared worklist of the Worklist-Generator is executable. Communication with customer specific databases or LIMS is easily conceivable.


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