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Automated Centrifuge in Liquid Handling Platforms


Automated centrifugation within Zinsser's liquid handling automation platforms is a key process that plays a crucial role in sample preparation and processing. Zinsser designs its systems to streamline industrial applications, with automated centrifugation serving as a fundamental component of this efficiency. 


This separation is achieved by applying high speed centrifugal force to the sample, causing particles or components of different densities to separate into distinct layers or yield the supernatend and recover the pellet. This process is essentilal for a wide range of applications, including liquid/liquid extraction, purification, synthesis, isolation of specific cell types, and the separation of solid and liquid phases, in many pharmaceutical processes. 


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Advantages and Functions of Automated Centrifugation 

Automated Centrifuge is a key process used in Zinsser's industrial platforms to separate components in liquid samples, vital for tasks like removing particles from liquids, isolating specific materials, and improving sample purity. Automated centrifugation serves critical roles: 


  1. Separating solid from liquid in samples, important for many pharmaceutical industry applications
  2. Creating density gradients to isolate specific components like cells or biomolecules.
  3. Separating suspensions of immiscible liquids, e.g., oil from water in industrial processes.
  4. Removing debris from samples to ensure purity.
  5. Concentrating valuable components in samples.
  6. Supporting quality control by assessing product integrity. 

By automating this step, Zinsser ensures samples are well-prepared for work-up analysis or manufacturing in diverse industries. This enhances efficiency and consistency in various industrial applications. 


Integrate Automated Centrifugation in your Industrial Processes 

Zinsser's liquid handling robots can place high-performance centrifuges. These automated centrifuges need two key features to work with the robot: 


  1. A spot in the lid where the robot can put lab equipment like racks or Vials in or take it out while keeping the inside of the centrifuge the same.
  2. The centrifuge can stop the spinning part in the right place so the robot can get to the lab equipment in it or remove it. 

This enables fully automated processes which use centrifuges, so people can rely on the the centrifigation result they achieved with standalone centrifugation steps. It makes the whole process more reliable and consistent. You can use it to handle liquids and powders in centrifuge tubes or plates and do multiple centrifuge steps. 


These automated centrifuges can spin fast (up to 6,200 rpm), cool down to -20°C, and hold up to 4 x 290 ml of stuff. 

Zinsser's liquid handling robots are great for integration of automated centrifugation. They have lots of tools you can add to the deck to make it work for different jobs. Whether you need to use a centrifuge, handle liquids or powders, weighing, heat or cool samples/reactions, mix, evaporate, shake, or create pressure or vacuum, Zinsser's robots can do it with accuracy and efficiency. 


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