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Automated Evaporation System for Process Efficiency

In the world of automated liquid handling, we often need to evaporate liquids efficiently. This can be for keeping them for a long time or preparing for the next steps in a process that might involve more liquid tasks like weighing and capping. Zinsser has a range of tools designed to help with this. These tools work right on the liquid handler deck, so you don't need extra devices or disrupt your work. 


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Our Automated Evaporation System Solutions: 


One of these tools is the drydown tool head. It connects either 96, 48 or 24 evaporation tips to a controlled stream of air or nitrogen to evaporate liquids in vials or plates. A robot gripper moves this tool, positioning it exactly over the samples, and when it's not needed, it neatly parks the tool to the side. Optionally, each evaporation channel can be surounded by a vacuum channel. 



Automated Evaporation System Applications 


Automated evaporation systems are super useful in labs and industries. They help people take out liquids from samples, vials, or plates, making things better in a few ways:

  1. Concentrating Samples: They can make weak solutions stronger, so you can study or use them better.
  2. Getting Rid of Liquids: These systems remove liquids from samples, leaving behind the stuff you actually want.
  3. Drying Samples: They also help dry samples, so they're not wet anymore and you can study, weigh, or work with them easily.
  4. Making Reagents: In labs, scientists use these systems to turn liquid ingredients into the right concentration for experiments.
  5. Fast and Consistent Work: For jobs that need lots of samples processed quickly and the same way every time, these systems make the work smooth.
  6. Storing for a Long Time: Whether you need to get liquids out of samples for safe, long-term storage.
  7. Better Research and Development: In fields like chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences use these systems to make their experiments work better.

The Benefits of Zinsser’s Automated Sample Evaporation 


We offer a range of significant benefits that cater to the needs of laboratories and industries seeking efficient liquid handling and solvent removal solutions. These benefits include:

  • Efficiency and Automation: Zinsser's system automates the evaporation process, improving efficiency and reducing manual labor.
  • Precision and Consistency: It ensures precise and consistent results, critical for reproducible experiments and quality control.
  • Versatility: The system is highly adaptable, accommodating various sample types and labware configurations.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Over time, it leads to cost savings by reducing labor requirements and improving overall process efficiency.
  • Sample Integrity and Safety: Zinsser's system minimizes sample degradation, enhances safety, and complies with relevant standards.

We also offer a version of the drydown tool designed for a 12-tube rack, utilizing stainless steel probes for the air or nitrogen stream. Zinsser's strength lies in our ability to create customized dry down manifolds to accommodate various labware setups, meeting specific needs.

What sets Zinsser's automated liquid handling platforms apart is the versatility and performance of the tools that seamlessly integrate with the system. This selection empowers users to configure a system that automates their specific application, whether it involves liquid or powder handling, precise weighing, temperature control, vortexing, or other functions. Reach out to us for additional details about our solutions.


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