Powder Distribution

Powder Distribution

In order to reach accurate amounts of substances in destination vessels, the transfer of powders is a time-consuming process. In regard of the toxicity of some substances a manual powder handling is an avoidable health risk as well.

With our powder distribution system, fast and safe distribution of every kind of powder is accomplishable. Those systems can distribute small amounts from 1 mg up to some grams.

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The Zinsser REDI-Tool

By covering a weight range from 0.5 mg to 2 g, the Zinsser REDI-tool is the go-to solution for distributing free-floating powders. It can be integrated into nearly any workflow and also be adapted for customer-specific vials or containers.

Zinsser REDI tool

To aspirate a specific amount of powder, the REDI-probe picks up a specially designed PTFE-tip (REDI-tip) and adjusts the protrusion to the previously calculated volume.

For reaching the target weight, different strategies can be used, based on material characteristics, target weight, needed precision and throughput.

To prepare the aspiration, the powder source vial is being shaked.

By switching from vacuum to pressured shots, the probe then dispenses the powder into the destination vial on the balance. After the last dispense, the REDI-tip is being dropped or returned to the storage rack for reuse with the same powder.

The REDI-probe is cleaned in the ultrasonic bath, followed by a drying step.

Powder Handling System
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