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Precise results and more output

Transferring small amounts of powders can be a tedious and inefficient process. In addition humans are subject to safety issues since they can be exposed to the powders. By automating the entire workflow, it frees your laboratory staff from time-consuming and repetitive work so that they can concentrate on more intelligent tasks. Our automated powder handling system is the best solution to boost your output.

  • Customized software interface
  • Fast and safe powder distribution
  • Integrable into nearly any workflow
  • Adaptable to material characteristics



The hardware design for powder dosage processes has been developed in house and is optimized and adapted continuously. A recently sold platform, is presented as an example:


  1. Powder tip adapter for two different powder tip sizes.
  2. Gripper for racks and pick-up tools.
  3. Racks for powder tips.
  4. Powderbox with balance, tiltable vial-shaker, ioniser, tip-cleaning and tip drop stations.
  5. Incoming racks with capped source and uncapped destination vials.
  6. Balance adapters for different vial types.
  7. Gripper pick-up tools applicable for different vial sizes.
  8. Capping and decapping station with powder level sensor.
  9. Parking position for Autolid-Blocks.
  10. Free space for transport rail to be incorporated later, fitting cut-out in right window of the housing.
  11. Single vial balance with windshield.
  12. Ioniser.
  13. Ultrasonic bath for cleaning of powder tip adapter.
  14. Shaking, tilting and turning unit for source vials with integrated wiping mechanism
  15. Tip wash station
  16. Powder tip disposal station.


Automation of precise and reliable powder dispense is a solution Zinsser Analytic provides for more than 10 years. We offer customized systems based on our customers requirements. Our mission is to provide a reliable and high-speed robotic powder handling system to automate your process for for the best benefit of speed, labor-savings, efficiency and accuracy.

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