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Fully Automated Liquid-Liquid-Extraction Automation for Chemical Purification

The simplified and fastest version of extraction, aiming to enhance your throughput.


Designed for your processes

Addressing everyday workflow challenges and creating suitable automation solutions is our passion. Zinsser Analytic invented a system for liquid-liquid extraction with subsequent cartridge-filtration of reaction samples tailored to your application-specific needs.

By automating the whole liquid-liquid-extraction workflow our system offers:

  • Enhanced precision
  • Larger throughput
  • Customized software interface
  • Simplified sample handling
  • Improved reproducibility
  • Reliable results



Our systems can incorporate a variety of racks and cartridges to match your demand. The following components are included in this example of a liquid-liquid-extraction system:

  1. Eightfold pipetting head next to an eightfold stirring head attached to a Z-axis. Fixed in Y-direction to match rack format and shorten the processing period.
  2. Wash station for pipetting and stirring probesEnsuring clean pipetting and stirring probes during the whole process.
  3. Source rack. The crude product is placed here.
  4. Extraction rack. The extracted phase is transferred into the extraction rack if a second extraction step is necessary.
  5. Cartridge rack. The target product solution can be filtered with the cartridge rack.
  6. Filtrate rack. The filtrated target solution with the purified product ends up in the filtrate rack. Further analysis can be executed afterward.
  7. Pneumatic pressure spots. The pneumatic pressure spots are picked up here to apply pressure to the cartridges.
  8. Aqueous solution reservoir. The aqueous solvent is stored here.
  9. Eightfold precision syringe pump. High precision syringe pumps provide organic and cleaning solvents to be applied by the pipetting probes.


Through the integrated eightfold pipetting and stirring heads, the linear workflow is optimized and significantly higher throughput is achievable.


High precision syringe pumps deliver a large range of volumes and can be equipped with multiport valves providing up to 5 system liquids.

The defined process steps


See the Liquid-Liquid Extraction Automation in Action