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Food and Beverage


Market Expertise - Food & Beverage


The food & beverage industry underlies strict regulations regarding food safety and quality requirements to ensure the wellbeing of the consumer. At Zinsser Analytic we have a history of providing customized solutions for the F&B industry to automate your R&D and quality control workflows such as:

  • QuEChERS
  • Sample preparation for malt analysis for beer industry
  • MCPD Food analysis according to AOCS method Cd 29a-13, Cd 29b-13, Cd 29c-13 and comparable DGF method
  • Other involved sample work-up and analysis needing SPE (e.g. Aflatoxin / toxins in general analysis, Alkaloid analysis, etc…)

Autonomous running processes with automated protocolled documentation can greatly enhance throughput, reliability and documentation quality and frees up the user from tedious and time consuming work, so that the analyst can concentrate on the analysis of the results.


Examples of our automation solutions for the food & beverage industry:

High Throughput Analysis of Food and Oil Contaminants


Sample Preparation of Potato Plant Juice


Sample preparation of potato plant juice for a subsequent test for viruses using the ELIZA test.

Milk analysis and Identification of antibiotic residues in milk