Evaporating a large number of samples is not only a necessity in organic synthesis, combinatorial chemistry and analytical departments; it is also a requirement in the fields of proteomics and genomics. 

The CombiDancer is easy to use and has been specifically designed for the rapid, intelligent evaporation of samples from numerous applications. Being a non-centrifugal based evaporation unit, there is no need for the balancing of samples prior to loading into the carriers within the evaporation chamber. The CombiDancer uses a combination of vortexing, heating and vacuum for sample evaporation. Vortexing increases the surface area of the sample and distributes heat evenly to accelerate the evaporation process.

All parameters, for example, temperature, vortexing frequency and vacuum levels are precisely defined by the user and stored in the software. Up to 99 methods can be pre-defined and re-called at point of run. Methods can also be linked for the efficient and complete evaporation of difficult solvent mixtures or less volatile solvents, without user intervention. For ease of use over a large range of applications, the CombiDancer can accommodate a wide variety of sample vessels, from PCR and Eppendorf tubes to complete microtitre plates, even in one run.



The MicroDancer is a compact and efficient solution for the rapid evaporation of solvents for sample preparation in a variety of applications for solid phase extraction in the analytical laboratory, in combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening and when employing new technologies.

The MicroDancer is fast by using a combination of heating, vortexing, and vacuum during operation. Vortexing has various advantages over centrifuging. It enlarges the evaporation surface and distributes the heat evenly in the sample. Vortexing also ensures that balancing of samples is not required prior to use.


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