For Oxidizers
For Oxidizers

Oxysolve C-400 

A complete scintillator for counting C-14. It contains a specially sourced CO2 absorber for quick uptake of CO2. The high CO2 capacity ensures complete
absorption of up to 1.8g CO2 per 15ml Oxysolve C-400.

It is recommended for use with the Harvey Oxidisers (OX-300, OX-400, OX-500) and can also be used for any type of 14CO2 measurement.
It is packaged under nitrogen in 2.5 litre amber glass bottles.

Order and Transport Information:

UN Hazard Class - Corrosive, Flammable 8,3
UN number - 2920
Pack Size - 4 x 2.5 litres
Flashpoint (PMCC) - 30°C

Oxysolve T 

Specially formulated to completely to dissolve water from sample oxidisers without foaming or carry over and without gels to block the pipe work or cause carry over between samples.

The maximum amount of water is 3ml per 15ml.

Order and Transport Information:

Flammable, Harmful
UN Hazard Class - 3,3
UN No. - 1993
Pack size - 2 x 5 litre
Flashpoint (PMCC) - 37°C


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