Glas Scintillation Vials
Glas Scintillation Vials

20 ml glass counting vials

Background less than 20 cpm

Wheaton scintillation vials are the original standard by which all counting vials are judged. Wheaton “180" brand low potassium glass and their critical manufacturing tolerances assure reliable, consistent results in scintillation counting. Vials load properly into counting machines without jamming or breaking. Background counts are consistent and low; ultraviolet transmission is high. White caps fit tightly to avoid fumes in the laboratory and have tops suitable for writing. They are packed in trays of 100 with 5 trays per carton.

28 mm dia x 61 mm high (with cap fitted)
28 mm dia x 57 mm high (without cap)


Wheaton Minis

6ml Minis made from borosilicate glass

Miniature counting vials made from borosilicate glass, Wheaton “180" have a very high UV transmission and exceptionally low background count. Packed in trays of 200, 5 trays (1000 vials) per carton, including white, metal foil lined, screw caps.

17 mm dia x 58 mm high (with cap attached)
Cap size 15 mm


Caps for Scintillation Vials 

Zinsser Screw caps can be used on all currently available glass counting vials. They are made from plastic resins with pigments especially selected for low phosphorescence. They are available in white, red, blue and green and have tops suitable for writing, with finger-friendly grips for easy handling. ZINSSER Screw Caps are supplied with either a metal foil liner with polypropylene foam backing or a self-sealing ring.

1. for glass vials with 22mm screw thread

Caps made from rigid urea (30153..), are mechanically very strong and give a safe seal.
Caps made from polypropylene (30154..) are economical and can be disposed of by incineration.

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