Highly viscous liquids,  e.g. oils and polymers, are difficult to handle with standard liquid handling tips.  Therefore we developed the so-called Visc-Tool®  combining  Eppendorf  AGs’  pipette for viscous liquid with our automation to precisely and safely pipette and distribute highly viscous liquids. 

Main  Advantages:  

  • Enhanced  precision in pipetting of viscous liquids.
  • Faster and safer process steps.
  • Handling of viscous substances made easy with our Visc-Tool®.

Modular  Process:  

  • Pipetting of viscous liquids is applicable in between a lot of workflow-steps


  • Customised software for your desired process and needs.
  • Adequate display according to your system and requirements.
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Main Advantages:
  • Enhanced precision in pipetting of viscous liquids.
  • Faster and safer process steps.
  • Handling of viscous substances made easy with our Visc-Tool®.
Modular Process:
  • Pipetting of viscous liquids is applicable in between a lot of workflow-steps
  • Customised software for your desired process and needs.
  • Adequate display according to your system and requirements.