Liquid Handling for Nanoliters and Microliters
Liquid Handling for Nanoliters and Microliters

Automated Sitting Drop Crystallisation, Rapid Plate Preparation

Honeybee from Digilab Genomic Solutions, enables walk-away automation, with precise dispensing into both reservoirs (100 microlitres) as well as shelves (as low as 100 nanolitres) using a single system. The system integrates 96-channel high speed dispensing of precipitant with patented non-contact synQuad dispensing technology to prepare a crystallisation plate in less than 2 minutes. New software allows the user to easily set up multiple sitting drop crystallisation experiments with ‘click and play’ functionality.

    •    Automated sitting drop crystallization
    •    96 fixed contact dispense tips
    •    1 or 3 synQUAD™ protein channels
    •    Fill reservoirs and shelves
    •    Rapid plate preparation under 2 minutes

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