AccuFLEX LSC-8000 ensures accuracy and flexibility for any basic liquid scintillation measurement in research and environmental laboratories. Quantification of all the beta emitters (with optional alpha/beta separation)  is performed using 4000 channels and optimized energy ranges.  Pre-set counting windows or Auto Isotope Selection offers any result units in counts, cpm, dpm or  Bq .
LSC-8000 can be used with either 20 ml, 8 ml , 6 ml glass or plastic vials or micro tubes, with a 408 samples loading capacity in its racks-based samples changer. 
Accurate measurements are provided with External Standard Channel Ratio, Self Constant Channel Ratio methods and other advanced features such as Chemical Luminescence, Color Quenching Corrections and Anti-Static Function.
Data reliability is fully supported by a System Performance Evaluation, including History Review and Security locks, in a GLP mode, with 21 CFR Part 11 included as a standard feature. 
Windows based user friendly software and built-in PC with touch panel color LCD and various output interfaces gives all the comfort required on a modern,  easy- to- use standard liquid scintillation counter. 


  • Efficiency: 3H : >60%, 14C : > 95% with unquenched sealed standards
  • Sample Changer:   up to 408 samples, using racks 
  • Analyzer: 4000 channels, up to 3 counting windows, pre-set windows for 3H, 14C, 32P, 125I, 32P Cerenkov, 3H+14C, 3H+14C+32P
  • Background: <15cpm depending on vial size and type
  • Dimensions: 96 x 60 x 85 cm (w x h x d) 
  • Weight: 196 kg 


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