Mini Vials
Mini Vials


Minis® 2000 are miniature counting vials made from polyethylene with a special sealing system, for liquid scintillation counting.

They offer:

  • greater safety through precision moulding
  • outstanding uniformity of thickness
  • caps that are easier to open and close
  • better seals leading to less leakage

Caps for Minis® have inner and outer seals. They are easy to fit - simply push on and turn slightly to give an excellent seal. Just a small turn and pull will open the cap.

Minis® 2000 minimise the volume of sample used.

1. MINIS® 2001 for Minivial Counters
These vials meet the IEC-Standard for miniature vial counters. The cap is flush sided and ribbed for easy handling.

Volume: 5.5 ml
Dimension: 16 mm dia x 57 mm high (without cap)
Pack size: 2500 pcs per carton

2. MINIS® 2002 for Normal LSC Counters
Minis® 2002 with flanged cap designed to hang in a 20ml vial which can be used with all commercial scintillation counters. The best results are obtained using Polyvials® (Cat. no. 3071401) or glass vials (Cat. no. 986532).

Volume: 5.5 ml
Dimensions: 16 mm dia x 57 mm high (without cap)
Pack Size: 2500 pcs per carton 



These are 4ml counting vials made from transparent polypropylene. They have specially designed flush sided caps which ensure optimum sealing. They are designed especially for BECKMAN-Gamma Counters and liquid scintillation counting, but are also ideal for many sample collection applications.

Volume - 4 ml
Dimensions - 13 mm dia x 57 mm high (without cap)
Pack size - 3000 per carton including caps


Special “Push-On” Minivial, exclusively designed in cooperation with WALLAC for their new MICROBETA Scintillation counter.

Volume - 3 ml
Dimensions - 15 mm dia x 40 mm high (without cap)
Pack size - 3000 per carton

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