The Compact Automatic Oxidizer

The OX-501 is for quench free sample preparation of biological samples which are labelled with 3H or 14C. If the samples are dual labelled, the 3H and 14C are automatically separated.

The OX-501 works on the principle of catalytic combustion. The sample is combusted at 900°C in a flow of oxygen within the horizontal combustion tube. The high combustion temperature guarantees the quick and complete combustion of aqueous solutions, blood, wet filters and damp surface swabs.

OX-501 offers the user the following advantages:

  • Quench free samples
  • Easy operation
  • High reliability
  • Compact design
  • Economically priced

It is a fully automatic system with electronic controls for gas flow, scintillator volume and combustion time.

OX-501 oxidizers are currently used in:

  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Quality control
  • Research laboratories
  • Environmental research



Proven Oxidizer techniques with automated sample & vial handling

  • Combusts wet or dry samples and liquids Combusts samples up to 300mg i.e. faeces or tissue homogenates or 0.50ml whole blood
  • Single or dual labeled samples, 14C & 3H
  • A sample presentation method that prevents residue build common to other systems
  • No sample preparation required
  • Ideal for soil or high ash content materials and fatty samples
  • Combustion temperature of 900°C
  • Continuous sample combustion
  • Recovery 98%
  • Reproducibility ± 1%
  • Low memory, less than 50dpm above background on samples up to 100,000 dpm
  • Rapid start, less than 15 minutes from cold
  • Catalytic oxidation ensures removal of quenching agents such as SO2, NO2 and others.
  • Load 12, 14C samples and walk away when working in the 1-12 MODE
  • Easily serviced by the user at their facility or the unit can be quickly disassembled for factory service

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