Polymorph Screening
Polymorph Screening

Automation Platform for Salt Pre-Screening and Polymorph Screening Studies

Since polymorph screening is a tedious and time-consuming process, Zinsser Analytic have developed CRISSY®, an automated liquid and powder handling platform as a solution.

CRISSY is the ideal tool for extensive crystallisation in salt pre-screening and polymorph screening studies as it allows the screening of a range of solvents in the eluotropic series. The preparation and crystallisation process runs on a specially designed workbench which automates the necessary steps using different solvents, concentrations, temperature gradients, agitation, pH-measurement, filtration and controlled evaporation. It is also possible to carry out an array of recrystallisations on the salt crystals.

The cleverly designed reactor block presents 96 crystals directly to the XRPD system eliminating crystal damage. The top surface of the reactor base is ideal for XRPD-detection. Cross contamination caused by electrostatic forces from moving the powders, is minimized as the detector block itself is grounded and the individual reactor cavities are separated from each other.

CRISSY makes polymorph screening easier. Automating the crystallisation is not only time-saving but it increases the quantity of salts being crystallised and minimises the risk of destroying the crystal structure when presenting it to the x-ray. The reliability of the instrument means that the process can be run in an uninterrupted manner and the controlled liquid handling, heating and cooling cycles ensure reproducible and consistent results.

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