Protein Crystallisation
Protein Crystallisation

ProCrys 2002 is the turnkey solution for sample preparation for protein crystallisation. It combines a liquid handling platform for the fast preparation of the buffer solutions with a low-volume dispenser for the preparation of the crystallisation plates and a plate sealer. 

First the preparation of the buffer solutions, the source plates, usually deepwell plates, are filled with stock solutions using the ZINSSER sorting software. This software not only calculates the required volumes for a given target concentration but it also optimises the entire dispensing process to save time. All you have to do is create a file, e.g. in Excel, which contains the barcodes of the source plates and the required concentrations for the stock solutions. 

To prepare the crystallisation plates, HoneyBee from Genomic Solutions, a low volume dispenser with a seperate protein channel, has been integrated. The buffer solutions are transferred from the deepwell plate to the crystallisation plate in one step with a special 96-well dispensing head. The protein is added through the seperate protein channel using the SynQuad technology for non contact dispensing.

 Finally, the plates are sealed on the integrated plate sealer which seals the deepwell plates as well as the crystallisation plates.

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