Sample vials for chromatography have special requirements. The sample vials must have absolutely no effect on the sample material to enable no contamination of the sample. This also refers to the caps and the septa.
Zinsser Analytic Qualyvials® are made from pure type 1 borosilicate glass in clear or amber. Strict quality control guarantees constant high quality of the vials, caps and the septa. All Zinsser glass vials have the Zinsser Analytic logo printed on them as a mark of a genuine vial.

The vials are available in 1.5, 4 & 8ml volume. 0.2ml glass inserts (Qualytips) are available for the 1.5ml Qualyvials®. Siliconised Qualyvials® are available in 4ml.
For closing the vials, there is a selection of screw caps with solid or open top. Aluminium crimp caps lined with rubber / PTFE are available for the 1.5ml Qualyvials.
Different septas are available for the vials. All our septas have a PTFE coating to suit all common autosamplers and to ensure chemical stability.

Zinsser Analytic have developed Qualyracks for storage and transportation of the Qualyvials®. These robust rectangular racks can be stacked empty or full. Moulded alpha-numeric indexes (a - e and 1 - 10) allowing easy identification of sample positions and make it easy to arrange sample vials systematically.
Qualyracks are moulded from pure, natural polypropylene and are virtually indestructible. They are resistant to most common solvents and will withstand temperatures from -175°C to + 130°C. They can be put into the dishwasher, autoclaved and immersed in liquid nitrogen. 


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