Robox – Sample Preparation System


The new Robox is a fully ­automated sample preparation system for ­liquid scintillation with an integrated ­oxidizer. It is especially developed to prepare a high number of samples with an outstanding precision and ­accuracy.

Combustion of C-14 or H-3 ­labelled biological samples or inorganic ­materials has proven to be ­superior for ­efficient and reproducible ­scintillation counting. However, as each sample needs to be ­handled ­individually this technology is slow and time consuming. For high ­throughput, automation is a must. Our new automatic system has been designed to process 120 samples per day automatically on a unique robotic system. 



The sample material arrives ­pre‑­weighed on ­barcode-labelled sample boats and is delivered by the ­robot to the combustion ­furnace. The C-14 or H-3 samples are ­collected ­together with scintillation cocktail in ­scintillation ­vials, ­capped and then placed in racks from the ­scintillation counter. Barcode ­labelling of the samples and receiving scintillation vials allows ­complete tracking of the sample ­material. The samples are processed in a ­catalytic oxidizer at a high temperature with a ­controlled Oxygen flow. The ­efficiency of the ­combustion process is ­constantly ­monitored by an ­integrated ­scintillation counter.

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