Safe Cocktails
Safe Cocktails

Many advances have been made over the years in counters and in cocktail development. The Zinsser Analytic range of safe scintillators is based on a solvent which is non toxic, biodegradable, odourless and has a flash point above 150°C.As well as being highly effective scintillators they are also pleasant to use and easy to store and transport.

Aquasafe 300 Plus

A safe scintillation cocktail for aqueous samples with a high efficiency.
A scintillator with a high counting efficiency for low to medium ionic strength aqueous solutions, including saline.
Sample uptake is up to 3ml per 10ml AQUASAFE 300 Plus. Many biological solutions can be counted without pretreatment, including albumin and serum.
Tissue solubilisers and other alkaline solutions do not cause chemiluminescence.

Flash point: >120°C

Aquasafe 500 Plus

High counting efficiency and high sample capacity.

The high sample uptake, 5ml sample per 10ml of cocktail, makes AQUASAFE 500 Plus the ideal choice for economical counting using Zinsser Mini vials.

AQUASAFE 500 Plus is stable over a wide temperature range, thus avoiding false results due to sample separation in cooled counters.

Flash point: >120°C

Quicksafe A

An economical safe scintillation cocktail for aqueous samples:

  • Non-hazardous - flashpoint over 130°C
  • Environmentally friendly - biodegradable
  • Safe - no hazardous components
  • Odourless - no dangerous fumes

Quicksafe A is an economical universal scintillator which can be used as a direct replacement for any flammable gel forming scintillator without loss of counting efficiency. These solutions and gels are stable and can be used for counting large sample volumes.

Quicksafe A has a large sample uptake capacity and a high efficiency for H-3 and C-14. Practically all biological sample materials, including serum and plasma can be measured using Quicksafe A, without any need for prior preparation. Sample volumes of over 4.5ml per 10ml Quicksafe A form viscous solutions or gels.

When Quicksafe A is mixed with water in the ratio 1:1 a stable gel is formed in which even powdered samples can be suspended for counting and Quicksafe A does not diffuse through the walls of plastic counting vials.


Unisafe 1

An economical non-gelling safe scintillation cocktail for aqueous samples

  •  Non-hazardous - flashpoint over 110°C
  • Environmentally friendly - biodegradable 
  • Safe - no hazardous components
  • Odourless - no dangerous fumes

Unisafe 1 is a recent addition to the Zinsser Analytic range and is a non-gelling replacement for gel forming cocktails, both safe and non-flammable.

This allows the dissolution of aqueous solutions to at least 2.5ml per 10ml without gels or thick liquids. It accepts a wide range of concentrations and ionic strengths. Providing the solution is clear it will be stable. Mixing is rapid and Unisafe 1 has found applications in flow cell counting.


Quicksafe 400

Quicksafe 400 is especially intended for low level counting where a high sample acceptance and high counting efficiency are important.

Quicksafe 400 is manufactured from specially selected components to ensure high counting efficiency, low background and batch to batch consistency.

The scintillator can take water volumes up to 1.4 times the scintillator volume . The optimum figure of merit is achieved with equal volumes of sample and scintillator.

There is no loss of solvent by diffusion through the walls of polyethylene vials, and counting for long periods is therefore possible.

 Flash point: >130°C


Filtersafe is a high efficiency ‘safe’ scintillation cocktail for counting precipitates on dry and wet filters.

It rapidly penetrates the filter to give consistent counting efficiencies with cellulose acetate, nitrate, mixed ester and glass fibre filters.

It is also effective with paper filters but efficiencies tend to be lower.

Flash point: >120°C

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