Speedy Junior (SPE)
Speedy Junior (SPE)

SPEEDY is an automatic system for solid phase extraction and filtration, which can handle filtration plates or disks and SPE plates or cartridges. Independent probes condition the column then dilute and dispense the samples. Reproducible and reliable results are achieved with software controlled vacuum and/or positive pressure (nitrogen or air).

  • Automates the entire workflow for Solid Phase Extraction and filtration
  • Handles all commercially available filter plates, disks, columns and cartridges (1, 3 up to 6 ml)
  • Processes samples depending on consistency (plasma, sera, cell culture materials, viscous samples)
  • Controls the extraction process
  • Optional heating and cooling, automated vial closure, evaporation,
    pH-measurement & adjustment
  • All commercially available filtration plates and cartridges can be used
  • Even mixed cartridge sizes can be processed in the same run

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