Automatic Pipetting
Automatic Pipetting

Andrew™ is a novel type of pipetting robot that operates unattended with adjustable manual pipettes. It weighs only 10 kg, and with a footprint smaller than a sheet of paper it is also the first portable liquid handler in the world. It is easy to integrate in the lab: on an existing bench, under a hood, in a laminar flow box or even inside a refrigerator. And it can execute liquid handling protocols designed with Andrew Assistant, the free protocol design software. This software allows anybody to define a liquid handling protocol in a breeze, all the while automatically calculating the concentrations at any protocol step, allowing serial dilutions with a few clicks and more.


  • Improves reproducibility of data, saves precious time in liquid handling and avoids possible health issues
  • Integrates easily in the lab on the workbench, under a hood, in a laminar flow, or in a refrigerator
  • Executes liquid handling protocols easily designed with its free software from simple pipetting to serial dilutions
  • Imports lists, saves protocols, exports data and documents by Andrew Assistant software
  • Is cost effective, time saving and improves laboratory work