X-Ray CT and NMR Scanner

X-Ray CT and NMR Scanner

Body Composition Analysers

Is a reliable analysis of Body Composition imperative for your research interests? Are you only looking to see small effects prior to and after a meal? Do you require analysis of your subject (from fruit flies to humans) in vivo and in under 1 minute? Are you interested in the analysis of Brown Adipose Tissue or the fat content of the liver? Zinsser Analytic is your European distributor for the range of 'EchoMRI® Whole Body Composition Analysers and Body Composition Laboratory micro CT Scanners' from Hitachi-Aloka Medical. Up to now the use of imaging technologies such as micro computed tomography, also known as µCT, has been successfully used in various branches of science for the non-destructive study of opaque objects. In biomedical sciences this technology has been adapted well for the study of animal body composition.

Zinsser Analytic offers a line of CT systems with refined parameters, which can provide in depth information on the analysed subject composition. The greatest advantage is the ability to screen subjects in vivo due to the high scan speed and low radiation dose. This allows the basis for long-term studies, which reduces the quantity of tested animals necessary in studies today.

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