Viscous Material Dispensing
Viscous Material Dispensing

The New ViscTool

Standard pipetting tools cannot handle highly viscous materials. Many applications including the pipetting of oils, the preparation of samples of healthcare products, the development of formulations of lubricants and the distribution of polymers demand the precise pipetting of highly viscous materials. Our new positive displacement ViscTool has been developed in house to meet all the technical requirements needed to dispense highly viscous solutions:

  • It can be operated using disposable syringes from various suppliers or precision glass syringes 
  • Volume range is from 100µl to 50ml
  • Dispensing volumes start from 1µl 
  • Very high resolution (>18.000 steps/cm)
  • Under full WinLissy ®Software control for optimum accuracy and precision

The new ViscTool can be upgraded onto all of our previously installed automatic workbench systems.

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