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Addressing everyday workflow challenges by creating suitable automation solutions is our passion. Zinsser Analytic developed an automated solution for synthesis, tailored to application-specific needs:

  • Highly flexible robotic system
  • Fast and efficient parameter screening
  • Customised software interface
  • Reliable results
  • Improved reproducibility
  • Fully automated product workup


With our flexible liquid- and powder-handling systems, all your synthesis challenges are addressed:

  • Liquid- and powder-handling
  • Product purification
  • Screening of target syntheses adding knowledge to your database
  • Solid- and liquid-phase-extraction
  • Filtration
  • Crystallization screening
  • Solubility screening
  • Aliquotation for analysis



1. Robotic arm with four 3-Channel tips and gripper

2. Wash station

3. Control panel for DESYRE-Mix® gas supplies

4. Racks with two 300 mL solvent bottles

5. Racks with 36x 40 mL reagent vial

6. DesyreMix-Shakers for heating up to 150 °C

7. Control panel for Evaporation manifold gas supplies


8. Heavy-duty vortexer with isolated cooling box down to -20 °C

9. Syringe pumps and six way valve

10. Pick up tools for different vial sizes

11. Ultrasonic bath for cleaning of tip

12. Evaporation manifold with parking station

13. Vacuum filtration station for usage with filter blocks or SPE cartridges

14. Ioniser for reduction of static charge


15. Five-digit balance for weighing of vials

16. Control panel for positive pressure manifolds

17. 2D-Barcodereader for vials

18. Racks for customer-specific vial types

19. Multiple cartridge racks

20. Stackers for rack storage

21. Robotic arm with three different tip types and gripper

22. Safety enclosure with automatic doorlock and removable window for shuttle module


We want to help you to unleash your full potential in high throughput synthesis. Accordingly we use a modular and parallel executable design of hardware. With our automation, every common and even complex synthesis steps, are achievable.

As an example for a fully automated synthesis, including preparation and product workup, the synthesis of Phenyl(1-pyrrolidinyl)methanone-derivatives is shown. Starting materials are pyrrolidine-derivatives (A) and m-bromo-benzoic acid (B) and the product is built through two separate reaction steps.



1. Liquid Handling

  • 3-Channel pipetting tips for pipetting of liquids, inert gas dispense and vacuum aspiration

15. Powder Handling

See our application note number ... to get more information to powder dispensing


13. Filtration / Solid-Phase-Extraction

  • Filtration station for SPE or phase separation cartridges
  • Eluate is collected into vials, which are placed in racks with corresponding layout

6. 8. Vortexing

  • High speed shaker DESYRE-Mix® with integrated hotplate heating up to 150 °C
  • Shaker with integrated insulation box, connected to a recirculating thermostat for cooling down to -20 °C
  • Inert gas option for cooling box.
  • Fixation of reaction blocks with pneumatic clamps throughout vortexing.
  • Evaporation is done by equipping the reaction block with an evaporation manifold (up to 96) and using the DESYRE-Mix® for shaking and heating lightly from the bottom. Combined with the nitrogen flow this produces an evaporation effect.

18. Racks and reaction blocks

  • Each rack is equipped with a carrier for defined positioning on the platform ensuring the correct positions of the tips during pipetting.
  • Reagents rack (4 x 300 mL or 24 x 20 mL or 40 mL) with caps and septum.
  • Modular racks for your DESYRE-Mix®:

– Reaction blocks from 8 to 96 positions (1 mL up to 40 mL each).

– Reflux blocks with 8 or 24 positions (7 mL up to 20 mL).


11. Additional Features

  • Barcode reading station for reactor blocks and racks
  • Sonication bath for tip cleaning
  • Automated Lidding Station for DESYRE®-blocks


Discover Further Synthesis Systems

Within molecule syntheses the workflows are complex and require a lot of monitoring of reaction parameters like high or low temperatures, mixing and/or exclusion of air. Synthesis routes have to be optimised through a time-consuming process.

With our syntheses systems, all of the desired demands are fulfilled. Heated and cooled shaking is possible as well as shaking without tempering. Pipetting of aliquots for analysis could be aspirated from reaction vessels. Absence of air is manageable with multiple channel tips in general. Powder and liquid distribution can be done with various system liquids and from reaction vessels.