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Our Instrument Solutions - Videos

Learn more about our automation tools by watching some examples from past customer collaborations.

Spin Coating System

Zinsser Analytic Redi Robotics System for leaf tissue powder transfers

Vortexing a Reactor with Probe Access

Spraying On Plants

Zinsser SPE Module

ViMix Pro

Viscous liquid dispensing

Single Tube Vortexing

Robox Sample Preparation System

Redi Super from Zinsser Analytic

Powder Handling

High throughput preparation of analytical samples

Automated Vial Crimping

Automated Capping and Decapping for Laboratory Automation

Automated Filtration with 3 channel probe

Automated SPE (Solid Phase Extraction)

Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Beyond Liquid Handling with Zinsser Analytic