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Cell Harvester

TOMTEC has been the leader for cell harvesters for decades. There are different models available depending on the filter format either for filter mats or for filter plates. The programmable Harvester MACH III can be used for both. Efficient cell harvesting is needed for a wide range of workflows such as cell proliferation assays (3H thymidine uptake) or receptor binding studies.

TOMTEC Harvester Product Lines Offer:

  • Harvesting cells from a 96 well MTP or microtubes onto a glass fiber filter mat (or plate) in a small bench top footprint.
  • Coaxial tip design – inner channel for aspiration, outer channel for wash solution.
  • Removable wash tips.
  • Up to two wash solutions can be applied.
  • Adjustable wash rates for efficient washing.
  • For protein precipitation with TCA a stainless steel version is available.
  • Two waste traps (“hot” and “cold”) with overflow control.
  • Either for Unifilter, GFB or GFC filtering microplates or filter mats.

Technical Features:

  • Easy programming: Fully automated version or semi manual version.
  • Double O-ring prevents cross contamination between filter mat circles.
  • Safe waste handling with “drain”-function of waste trap – no need to manually empty the container.
  • High reproducibility between runs as all parameters can be stored in up to 40 different protocols.