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WinLissy® – A Highly Flexible Software to Lead Every Workflows

A world-class automation control and method design software


Zinsser Analytic has been providing customized laboratory solutions and consumable products for almost 50 years. With unique capabilities in developing automated fluid and powder handling systems, Zinsser Analytic provides technologies for a wide range of industries, including diagnostic research, pharmaceutical, chemical, and agricultural.

Introducing WinLissy – A Powerful and Flexible Lab Automation Tool

The top tier lab automation solutions are complemented by Zinsser Analytic’s Windows-based WinLissy software. Developed and incrementally improved since 1995, WinLissy is a powerful and flexible automation control and method design software that is equipped with sophisticated liquid and powder data handling capabilities and beyond, as well as allowing you full control of your automation system. WinLissy can adapt to the most demanding lab automation requirements.


CapWinLissy Software for Windowstaion

Keep in mind that WinLissy is dependent on the automated testing platform you choose, and it initially needs to be programmed to align with the platform. Our team of application engineers will assist you and do the work of adapting WinLissy to your platform. In a sense, WinLissy is always customized to your specific needs.

WinLissy Main Features:

WinLissy has a simple-to-use interface, making it easy for you and your staff to configure each step of the testing process when needed. Each process step can be designed individually to allow for a variety of unique processes depending on different samples, chemicals, and solvents. WinLissy allows you to easily set up the sample workup and solid-phase extraction system according to your requirements and processes.

WinLissy provides you with the following abilities/features:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Able to communicate with third party devices (analyzers, chillers, etc)
  • Able to import data from files and databases such as SQL, Excel, CSV, etc
  • Full 21 cfr part 11 / Annex 11 compability available mid 2021
  • Windows 10 compatible bringing you ease-of-use, and compatibility with ancillary programs

Flexibility via Modular Design


CWinLissy Lab Automation Software Preview 

WinLissy modules enhance the software package to be highly flexible. Users can start with the ZA Runner to run pre-defined methods and simulations. Advanced users can use the ZALayouter and ZADesigner to define rack layouts and set workflows and methods for testing, respectively. The ZALayouter and ZADesigner are typically used by our application technicians and designers to provide the best experience for our customers.

WinLissy can control specific devices and easily integrates with other software, importing files from databases and exporting results in various standardized formats like CSV, SQL, XML, and Oracle file formats.

WinLissy Modules


ZA Runner
This is your central test execution application. ZA Runner is used to execute ready-made processes in real life lab scenarios. The data used here comes from the ZA Designer and ZA Layouter; our advanced applications used to define testing data by our application engineers, and in some cases advanced users (customers).
ZA Designer
Used by our application engineers, this application is applied to create and design any workflow, diverse methods, and processes. This module also features integral scheduling and a simulation mode.
ZA Layouter
Used by our application engineers, this application is applied to create custom workbench layouts specific to lab devices and applications used. Layout testing and performing simulation runs are also available.

When your processes need higher flexibility than usual, the Worklist Creator can be used as an add-on application. The Worklist Creator allows you to create, plan, and export worklists to WinLissy for execution through simple drag and drop functionality using intuitive editors, for example, the pipetting editor, which offers an intuitive way to create pipette lists.


Ease of Use for Demanding Process Testing

Since every process step is designed using the different WinLissy modules, multiple workflows can run simultaneously and changes can be applied with WinLissy. The customized sequential arrangement of the process can be composed by importing a specified MS Excel file, or through the Worklist Creator. Processes can either be carried out in a batch or in a continuous sample processing, whatever your specific requirements are.


Continuous Support

The current version of WinLissy is the result of years of improvement, incremental updates, and industry-specific needs. To provide a maintained functionality and compatibility, Zinsser Analytic fully supports WinLissy through ongoing development and subsequent updates.

Using The Software

Pre-designed input files (spreadsheets)

The pre-designed spreadsheets allow you to define the sequence of process steps, testing samples as well as racks. Input files can take various forms that suit your needs, for example, spreadsheets, text files, CSV files, etc. The example below displays the usage of a spreadsheet which is most commonly used.


WinLissy Lab Automation Software - Modules Preview 

The ZA Runner – Your User Interface for Everyday Testing Needs

The ZA Runner module allows you to execute the methods defined through the ZA Designer and ZA Layouter. The ZA Runner is the central application that combines all the aspects of testing and allows you to view the hardware used, and testing steps, and execute your methods.

ZA Runner

The ZA Runner allows you to:

Execute all predefined methods in 3 easy steps:

  1. Double-Click on the method.
  2. Click Run.
  3. Input some testing parameters, and click OK to begin the testing process.

As the testing process is being run, you can monitor and log each step of the test.


WinLissy Lab Automation Software - ZA Runner Module

Modules for Advanced Users

We recommend that, as a first step, you allow our application engineers to set up WinLissy to your requirements. This includes:

ZA Designer

It allows the application engineer to define test methods and then run them virtually to test them. Various laboratory devices can also be added to the hardware platform. The ZA Designer includes the Method Designer where customized import relations can be defined and process sequences can be imported.


WinLissy Lab Automation Software - ZA Designer Module - Preview 

ZA Layouter

Used to define hardware racks used in layouts on the workbench based on testing requirements. For example, a hardware gripper can be precisely positioned and tested. Layouts can be reused for other testing requirements.

The ZA Layouter allows you to:

  • Drag and drop carrier types and rack types onto the layout to see a clear view of your layouts.
  • Test and control the devices you want to use in your testing layouts.


WinLissy Lab Automation Software - ZA Layouter Module - Preview