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Automated Evaporator

The CombiDancer offers:

  • Fast and efficient evaporation of solvents.
  • Up to four times faster evaporation than with evaporation centrifuges. At a rack temperature of 40 °C it takes e.g. 20 minutes to evaporate 3 mL Methanol per vial/well or 2 hours for 600 µL DMSO per vial/well.
  • Broad choice of racks for different sizes of vials with 24 positions up to 200 (depending on vial size) as well as MTP or DWP plate adapters.
  • Sparging of vacuum chamber with inert gas or air after evaporation.
  • Application of inert gas atmosphere during evaporation possible.
  • Heated cooling coil for fast defrosting after evaporation.
  • Up to 99 programmable evaporation protocols, combinable among another.