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Live tissue Analyzer

Zinsser Analytic is the distributor of EchoMRI™ (US) offering a broad range of whole body composition analysers.

EchoMRI™’s systems offers:

  • Analysis of fat mass, lean mass, free water and total body water with a direct measurement method, the Quantitative Magnetic Resonance (QMR). 
  • Experience and track of work shown in hundreds of papers:
  • Measurements are feasible non-invasive and in vivo. Thus, no anaesthesia and restraining is required.
  • Quantitative measurements with samples from 7g (organs) up to humans and pets (up to 250 kg).
  • Measurement times between 0,5 and 3,5minutes / sample, depending upon the precision options
  • Body composition analyzers are used worldwide to measure body composition responses to drugs, genetic knockouts, diet, and aging, in research areas such as obesity, diabetes, nutrition, pharmacology, osteoporosis, cardiology, animal physiology, etc. 
  • Several hundred EchoMRI™ systems have been successfully installed in more than 80 pharmaceutical companies and more than 150 universities, medical facilities, hospitals and other leading metabolic research institutions in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia for metabolic and obesity research in live animals. 
  • Clinical trials for humans are possible as well: body composition analyzers for infants, children, and grown humans, aimed at providing solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical industries for testing the efficacy in clinical trials of anti-obesity and metabolic drugs and treatments.
  • Zinsser Analytic cares for the European wide distribution for EchoMRI™:
    EchoMRI™ R&D and manufacturing office in Houston TX, USA and marketing office in Singapore
  • EchoMRI™ is a registered trademark of EchoMRI Corporation


EchoMRI™ 3-in-1