Customized Lab Automation 


We design customized automation solutions for your laboratory and R&D workflows. Every system is unique and custom developed to your specific needs. 




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Videos of automated workflows:

  • Spin Coating System
  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction
  • Viscous Liquid Dispensing
  • Evaporation with Heating and Vortexing
  • Screw Capping
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Custom Automated Solutions 


Custom Automated Solutions


Build a Customised Automated Solution
that is unique to your requirements

How We Work

Software Solution

Our custom automation solutions come with a complementary software as part of the system. It gives you full control of the Zinsser Analytic robot to program, control and execute your workflows. In addition our software also supports implementation of industry-standard interfaces for communication with and integration into external systems on customer side.


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High Quality Vials & Consumables

We also offer high quality consumables like glass and plastic vials in different sizes for save and leak free storage of reagents or for use in test kits.

Learn more & discover our whole portfolio of consumables and vials for your laboratory.


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Automate your entire workflow to save time and reduce costs

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