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Automated Liquid Handler: Revolutionizing Lab Automation

Unlock precision and efficiency with Zinsser's Automated Liquid Handler—an advanced liquid handling robot designed to elevate laboratory automation. Explore the pinnacle of liquid handling instruments, ensuring reproducibility and reliability in every application.


Zinsser's Automated Liquid Handler is a useful tool for labs. It does different liquid tasks quickly and accurately, making lab work easier. For a busy lab, this tool is excellent for its swift operation and integration of robotic arms. You can easily add it to the tools you already have in your lab.


This tool is especially good at working with different liquids, like those with magnetic beads or low/high surface tension. For those in life sciences, this tool is tailored to meet your needs. It is a great help as it reduces the risk of making mistakes when handling liquids by hand. 


Zinsser's lab innovation is smart and great at handling liquid handling tasks. It's accurate, making lab work easier and reducing mistakes. It's like having an extra careful helper in the lab, lowering the chance of human errors and making things more consistent. It's a must-have for labs wanting processes done right. 

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