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Visc-Tool® for Highly Viscous Liquids

Viscous liquids are difficult to handle with standard liquid handling tips. Such highly viscous liquids are for example oils and polymers, but as well infectious, toxic or radioactive liquids which require a high level of safety for handling.

For this kind of substances Zinsser Analytic developed and registered the Visc-Tool. It is an automated and safe for distributing highly viscous liquids precisely. Specially designed pumps, liquid delivery tools and powerful software allow high throughput blending without compromise in precision or accuracy. Additional modules for e.g. powder handling, liquid handling, pH-measurement, etc. can be integrated.

The Visc-Tool comes with enhanced precision and safety features.

The Visc-Tool has different pipetting properties, depending upon the temperature under which viscous liquids should be processed. It can be operated with heated tips and is enabled with cleaning sequences.

Main Advantages

Modular Process

Lab Automation Software