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Automation of NMR and LCMS Sample Preparation

Speed up your analysis with our automated NMR and LCMS sample preparation solution


Increase sample preparation throughput

The Crop Science Division of Bayer AG required an automated solution to improve the LCMS (Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) and NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) sample preparation process.

The high throughput, combined with extremely precise dosage requirements, meant that the Bayer AG needed an automated solution that provided the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. Having seen the custom solution developed for a peer organization, the Crop Science Division of Bayer AG reached out to Zinsser Analytic to provide a tailored and automated solution.

  • High Throughput of Preparation of Samples
  • High Dosage Precision
  • Reliable Results
  • Customized Software Interface
  • Improve Reproducibility
  • Reduce Processing Cost



  1. Customized tips with holding down clamp for NMR tubes.
  2. 2D Barcode reader for vials with 270° rotation.
  3. Balance with housing.
  4. Ionizer.
  5. Source racks: Either 2 mL input vials and screw caps with septum OR deepwell plates.
  6. Microtiter plates for LCMS analysis.
  7. Evaporation manifold.
  8. Adjustment station for positioning check of tips.
  9. Precision syringe pumps.
  10. NMR tube racks, 2 mL HPLC vial racks with caps and septum and microtiter plates for recovery of desired samples after analysis.
  11. NMR tube racks with caps and POM balls for recovery or disposal after analysis.
  12. POM ball adapter for setting of POM balls and customized tip with holding down clamp for NMR tubes.
  13. Gripper for racks.
  14. NMR cap with POM ball removal station.
  15. 2D Barcode reader for racks.



The provided solution has improved the traceability of samples, accuracy and reproducibility of results; both desirable characteristics that allow the Bayer AG to bolster research and findings, and helping the division comply with a range of international quality standards.

The 24/7 operation has allowed the Bayer AG to increase the processed amount of samples to 40,000 per year; providing the division with a greater opportunity to discover new molecules.

The system also allowed the division to optimize a range of processes, such as the cleaning process, allowing them to reduce the amount of deuterated solvent by two thirds and thus reducing the cost per sample.

Following processes were customized: