Liquid Handling for Automated Lab Workflows

Streamlining Laboratory Efficiency with Automated Liquid Handling Solutions


Zinsser's Automated Liquid Handling System is a high-tech solution for labs that need precise and efficient liquid handling. This smart tool accurately pours liquids into lab containers, making lab work easier. 


Zinsser Analytic has a long history, dating back to 1984, in perfecting liquid handling technology. Over the years, we have improved their procedures and expanded to handle different tasks, like thick liquids and solid extractions. Many research, production, quality control and general lab settings have used their innovations for a long time. 


The Benefits of Zinsser Automated Liquid Handling 


Zinsser's special tools for automating processes in labs really make their liquid handling machines unique. These tools fit smoothly into the machine, and they let you create a system that automates exactly what your lab needs. Whether it's pouring liquids, handling powders for general sample-preparation measures, or doing other creative tasks, Zinsser has you covered. Their goal is to give labs flexible solutions that match what they need in today's diverse settings. 

  • Versatile Dispensing: Zinsser's systems come equipped with 1 to 8 dispensing channels, each featuring independent variable spacing and independent Y axes. This flexibility enables precise plate-to-plate or tube-to-plate pipetting operations, accommodating a wide range of experimental setups.
  • Tip Options: Choose between fixed tips or disposable tips, allowing you to tailor your liquid handling process to your specific requirements and preferences.
  • Efficient Robotics: Zinsser's robot arm effortlessly moves plates, tube racks, and tools, streamlining your workflow and ensuring seamless automation. 


Zinsser's Solutions represent ultimate flexibility within available laboratory automation solutions, offering a comprehensive array of cutting-edge features and configurations. The liquid handling platforms, equipped with their versatile tool selection, bring forth a multitude of benefits. By combining the flexibility of tool integration with the precision and efficiency of Zinsser's technology, laboratories can achieve unprecedented levels of automation and productivity, elevating their research and experimentation capabilities to new heights. 


Zinsser Liquid Handlers: Key Factors 


Zinsser's Automated Robotic Systems use well-proven technology known for its great performance, reliability, and flexibility. 

  • Customization: Zinsser offers different deck sizes for small and large labs. Configure your deck with features such as wash stations, reactors, stirrers, vortexers, heaters, chillers, and more—all within a single system. 3rd party options are easy to integrate within the Zinsser platform.
  • Performance: Zinsser's liquid handling robots use top-quality dilutors and microsyringes, ensuring precision and accuracy to meet the highest standards. These systems are super precise, with less than 1% variation, guaranteeing dependable results.
  • Reliability is crucial in lab automation. Zinsser builds all automated platforms with reliable and proven technology pieces.
  • Flexibility: You can choose features and options that match your lab's needs. Plus, you can easily make adjustments as necessary. 

LLE Machine

How Do Liquid Handling Robots Work? 


Zinsser's Liquid Handling Solutions make lab work easier by being really good at handling liquids. They have 1 to 8 dispensing probes that can move across a integration platform to pour liquids accurately. You can choose between fixed needles or disposable tips in various combinations also with powder handling capability. A robotic gripper option helps with moving plates and tools across the worktable surface. 


The system is configurable in configuration also in between methods. The software is easy to use even without high IT expertise.  


Zinsser's Automated Robotic Systems liquid handling and powder handling instruments, in short ZARS, earn recognition for their effective performance and flexibility. You can set them up for small or large labs, adding things like wash stations and reactors in one system. They use good-quality tools for precision, guaranteeing accurate results. 


ZARS are renown for being reliable and sturdy and therefore are foredestined to have a long life service in your laboratory. You can pick features that match your lab's needs and change things easily. 


If you have questions about Zinsser's liquid handling solutions and how they can help your automation, just contact our commercial department. We're here to find the perfect solution for you.