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Our DryPette® is a hand-held powder pipette that accurately dispenses solids, comprising a dispensing handle and controller unit. The handles are exchangeable. Powder is aspirated into the handle’s pipetting tip with vacuum and dispensed with light positive pressure (DryPette® Standard and DryPette® Plus) or light positive pressure with or without positive displacement (DryPette® Varix range).

The DryPette® offers:

  • Pipetting range from 5 µL up to 1,900 µL depending on the model.
  • Precise and reproducible dispenses. Precisions are: 50 mg ± 2 mg; 150 mg ± 1 mg; 1000 mg ± 2.5 mg. The precision is maintained by removal of excess powder at the bottom of the tip after aspiration.
  • No cross contamination through rapidly exchangeable, low cost cellulose filter incorporation in the delivery line of the pipette.
  • Lightweight ergonomically designed hand piece allows easy filling of vessels. The compact control unit with connected flexible vacuum pipe supports simplicity.
  • Simple operation procedure via a three position switch (off-aspirate-dispense) at the hand piece.
  • Flexible application of multiple handle sizes with a single DryPette® controller unit to cover a wider dispense weight range and providing an economic powder dispenser for your laboratory. Customized nozzles and PickFix tips can be supplied.