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Microbiological Air Sampler

SAS Super ISO family:

  • Complete system for microbiological measurements
  • Flow rate up to 180 L/min
  • Active measurement of air germs in air or on surfaces
  • Developed for pharmaceutical and clinical sector
  • Mobile operation
  • Continuous or sequential sampling between several minutes and hours length
  • Different sampling protocols
  • Design prevents turbulences in unidirectional air stream as well as reaspiration of already measured air as stated in ISO certification ISO14698 and USP1116
  • Saves time and has low operational expenses
  • Models SAS Super ISO 100 (flow rate 100 L/min) and SAS Super ISO 180 (180 L/min)

DUO SAS 360:

  • Same technical performance as SAS Super ISO 180
  • High flow rate of 360 L/min (180 L/min for each head, double of SAS Super ISO 180)
  • Two different media types
  • Up to ten sequential sampling cycles
  • High speed monitoring with 1000 L in less than 3 min
  • Up to 18 cubic meters of air/hour can be monitored