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Microsyringes are used for the dosage of gases and liquids. Through diversification of the machines available in the market, microsyringes are diversified as well.

Microsyringes are one of the most widely used items in laboratories:

  • Manufactured from high-quality DURAN® 3.3 borosilicate glass.
  • High variety of microsyringe models have been developed over the years.
  • Applicable in high-performance liquid-, gas- and thin layer-chromatography.
  • Used for precision sampling and dosage.
  • Volumes ranging from 0.5 μ L to 100 mL.

We offer microsyringes for:

  • HPLC sampling.
  • Automated liquid handling.
  • Dosage of gases and liquids.
  • Dosage in autosampler.

Each system has its own requirements and all Syringes are highly compatible with the variety of existing products.