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Service and Aftermarket Care for Lab Automation Systems

Maximize laboratory efficiency and reliability with Zinsser Analytic's preventive maintenance service. Increase throughput, reduce downtime and unleash scientific potential.

At Zinsser Analytic, we recognize that a well-maintained lab automation system is the cornerstone of success in modern research and analysis. Our specialized service for automated lab solutions proactively tackles any potential issues, guaranteeing a seamless workflow, heightened efficiency, and unmatched precision.

Maximizing Performance Through Regular Service: Unlocking the Full Potential of Lab Automation

Discover the untapped potential of your laboratory automation solutions through the power of regular servicing. Our preventive maintenance solutions elevate system performance and ensure seamless workflows, helping you achieve consistent, precise results while creating a safe and productive research environment. Embrace preventive maintenance to benefit from the following bonuses:

  • Maintain Performance Excellence: Over time, wear and tear can impact your lab automation systems, leading to reduced efficiency and hampering overall productivity. Our servicing solutions proactively address performance issues, ensuring your systems operate consistently and reliably.
  • Ensure System Compliance: Preventive maintenance enables the ease of mind that your process runs as defined initially. The operation qualification will make sure that the system runs according to specifications.
  • Prevent Costly Component Failures: Vital components like robotic axes and motors are prone to wear over time. Neglecting timely replacement can lead to costly repairs and system disruptions. Our proactive servicing minimizes the risk of unexpected component failures, ensuring system longevity and reliability.
  • Seamless Operations: Downtime caused by system failures can lead to delays and decreased output, hindering crucial research progress. Our regular servicing guarantees dependable system performance, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity.

Don't let avoidable setbacks hinder your scientific journey. Embrace the potential of regular servicing with Zinsser Analytic's service solutions to optimize your lab automation systems. Invest in excellence, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries with us!


Explore our Comprehensive Service Contract Options: Tailored to Your Needs

Embrace a worry-free experience with our range of flexible service contracts, designed to cater to your specific requirements:

Gold Service Contract

Unparalleled Assurance

  • 2 scheduled preventive maintenance visits annually
  • All-Inclusive spare parts for maintenance and repairs
  • Travel and on-site time for swift resolution
  • Customizable on demand

Silver Service Contract

Dependable Support

  • 1 scheduled preventive maintenance visit annually
  • Inclusive spare parts for maintenance and repairs
  • Prompt travel and on-site time for efficient service
  • Assured 48-hour response and 72-hour intervention time

Bronze Service Contract

Essential Care for Uninterrupted Performance

  • 1 scheduled preventive maintenance visit annually
  • Spare parts for maintenance included; repairs excluded
  • Travel and on-site time included for maintenance
  • Ensured 48-hour response time, with intervention within 168 hours (7 days)

Save 20%, Contract the Service for 36 Months

Experience exceptional value with our 36-month special offer. Ideal for new lab automation systems and Gold & Silver contracts, this offer includes full warranty coverage on all system-related issues (except misuse and catastrophic events) for the initial 36 months. It incorporates three (Silver) or six (Gold) maintenances during this period, granting you an astounding 20% savings compared to yearly contracts.


Request Service, Parts or Support

Enjoy Added Perks with Every Service Contract: Your Success is Our Priority

We go the extra mile to provide exclusive benefits with every service contract, including:

  • Priority status for lab automation systems on service contracts
  • Gravimetric verification prior to preventive maintenance (if requested)
  • Complimentary telephone support from our hotline during working hours
  • Site visit for fault identification (inspection) included in Silver and Gold tiers


Our Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Service: Elevating Performance

During each preventive maintenance service, our expert technicians meticulously care for your lab automation system, conducting:

  • Thorough system inspection to identify and address corrosion, wear, and leaks
  • Maintenance of system performance through meticulous cleaning and replacement of crucial components
  • Calibration and adjustment of robotic axes, guides, and motors
  • Backup of application data as a service if configured in the service contract
  • Detailed documentation of all work steps


Optimize Your Experience with Additional Options: Tailoring Solutions for You

Customize your service package for your lab automation solutions with additional options that elevate your experience:

  • Gravimetric verification before maintenance
  • PC service coverage of hardware-related failures
  • PC backup service: Safeguarding your data on Zinsser Analytic servers
  • Remote service (subject to local IT-policy)