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Market Expertise - Pharmaceutical


Time-to-market is one of the key challenges in the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to developing new drugs. Hence automating your R&D processes becomes more and more important for your success. Our focus is on the ability to work with manufacturers of analytical instrumentation and being able to integrate into fully automated workflows of larger systems. Discover our automation solution for various workflows including:

  • Sample preparation
  • Component storages and their liquid-handling front-ends
  • Automation of synthesis
  • Characterization
  • Synthesis workup and purification

Our strengths are:

  • LIMS interaction
  • Proven 3rd party components integrations
  • Component generation by being able to integrate Eppendorf Combi Tip / Visco Tips for handling viscous solutions as well as powders and solids with normal liquid handling on one versatile platform
  • Library interaction
  • Crystallization
  • Versatile platforms: Liquid handling, viscous material handling, powder handling on one system

Examples of our customized automation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry:

Synthesis Workup and Purification


High Throughput Weighing System